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Great results!

I’ve been using the Trokie with Melatonin for several months. I have tried plain melatonin over the counter and suffered with headache headaches the next morning. The cbd with low dose melatonin seems a perfect blend.

A must have

This is a God send! I suffer from insomnia as well as chronic pain. I've tried everything under the sun and this is the first thing that let's me get to sleep and even better stay asleep the entire night. They work quickly too.


Finally getting the rest I need.

Wonderful Product

The best product in the world.

Perfect Sleep Aid

I struggle to sleep at night - I'm a light sleeper, nothing more serious than that (thankfully). Normally I wake up every hour or so (or more) each night. The CBD/Melatonin tabs help me sleep soundly for a change, and I actually feel rested when I wake up in the morning. I don't generally feel groggy either, which I often feel from melatonin-only supplements. What's even better, is that I woke in the middle of the night once and a huge anxiety attack hit me... after not being able to calm down I decided "what the hell" and took an extra "serving" of Trokie and I could feel myself calm down within about 15min. SO worth the expense!

Helps me get through my 12 hour shifts At the hospital.

Does it work?

It works if I take two instead of just one. And maybe every other night I get a little sleep!

Amazing product

This product is wonderful. It relieves my stress before sleep, helps me get deep rest and removes the tension in my muscles ( I feel this when I wake up) it has also helped me with gerd issues I was having. Completely relaxes and calms the body in a natural way. 5/5

Zaps Anxiety

Trokie Rapid Relief Tabs zap my anxiety and help me feel grounded. I'm really thankful for them.

CBD Rapid Relief Tabs 500mg

Mind blowing

My husband and I started taking these together when they arrived. I'll share his experience first...

He has dangerously high blood pressure from job stress (business owner), and has tried diet and exercise but nothing has helped. He really wasn't excited about the idea of a prescription for blood pressure, so this was a last attempt before giving in to that. Within HOURS of taking his first dose, his blood pressure went from dangerously above what is considered normal to a comfortable spot within the "good" spectrum. He has been taking one pill daily for 5 days now. His blood pressure went back up a little (as I assume his body is regulating and getting used to the CBD) but is still absolutely in the safe zone. This has also done wonders for his anxiety.
For ME, I have degenerative discs in my spine, anxiety and overall joint pain and I felt wonderful. I felt like my body was normal again, and I wasn't a slave to my pain and soreness.

I do wish there were other mg options, I think 25 is a little too high for me, I took a break from taking it because I noticed I was getting a hangover for lack of better words, once it wore off, with a bad headache, but I am wondering if I was drinking enough water. I am also starting to notice that my husband hits a mood swing at about the peak (2 to 3 hours after taking it) where he is mellow, but agitable and argumentative. I haven't said anything to him about it, though, so he can form his own opinions. But all in all... LOVE this product. The good so far outweighs the little negatives.
Maybe it is better to take every other day instead of daily?

Best CBD option yet!

Very helpful in treating anxiety. Much more effective than the alternatives tried. Also, I appreciate your attention to us. You make us feel like valuable customers."

Life saver

I've been getting really bad headaches over the past few years (on top of normal body aches -especially my back and joints- and anxiety). The headaches come on fast and waiting for Tylenol or Advil to kick in (if either even works) is more time than I have to spare before I feel like my head will explode. I'll take a Trokie rapid melt and literally within minutes I have relief of my pain with an added side effect of feeling peace and calm. I also sometimes use this before bed just so I can really fall deep asleep without tossing and turning from body aches and pains. I've told people that I have suggested this to that I would jump in front of a moving vehicle defending how well it works. And there is no THC, which is important to me. I usually make sure to eat before hand if it is around a meal or snack time, just because it will mess with your sense of taste for a little bit after using it. Totally worth it. I can't recommend it enough.

Helps with Zzzzz’s

It helps me sleep at night thank you

Great product

Very happy to find the 50 serving Trokies

Very satisfied

Trokie for trigeminal neuralgia

I was hoping to see the blue indica trokie on here for sale. I was taking it for trigeminal neuralgia (aka* the suicide disease) the medication that was prescribed stopped working as my body for used to the medicine. If it weren't for trokie, I don't know that I would have made it for 7 years suffering from that pain. I was finally able to have brain surgery but don't know how much longer I could have taken that pain anymore. Trokie literally saved my life. I now have other health issues so I'm hoping to find the product I'm looking for again. I loved that I could take the trokie and continue to work my full work schedule without that high feeling from pain meds. Which don't work with trigeminal neuralgia as that is a nerve pain. I really recommend this product for anyone with terrible chronic pain.

Great service

Great service and convenience

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs - 50 Servings

We highly recommend

Our chiropractic office does highly recommend Trokie Nanocapsules. They are very effective for both anxiety and pain.

The best.

Helps so much with my anxiety. Works better than Prozac that I’ve taken for years and quicker

The only thing that helps my wife sleep

Trokies are a god send.

Best Pain Patches

These are the best pain patches out there!


Have been using Trokie CBD nanocapsules for about 6 months. I swear by their ability to ease joint pain and discomfort.

Best CBD Product On the Market

I have tried many different CBD methods such as vaping, smoking and edibles to help with my chronic stress and anxiety. This is the only product that I have tried that I have actually noticed and felt legitimate results. It does feel kind of strange putting it under your upper lip/gums when first trying it out but its definitely worth the very slight initial discomfort.
I wish that more people knew about this amazing product!