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Deep Sleep

The Nighttime Rapid Relief Tabs are extremely helpful for relaxing and falling into a deep sleep

Clearly a winner !

Hands down the best cbd product and I’ve tried them all!

Trokie nighttime tabs

I was thoroughly impressed. Could barely move the right hand and wrist after breaking it a year ago then tried this and in the morning could make a fist. It was awesome.


This version of CBD is so great. I feel like my whole body relaxes.
It taste pretty intense, but it is totally worth the taste.

I used to take Ambien for insomnia until it became a controlled substance. I happened upon Trokie at a dispensary. It worked!! Sadly, they stopped carrying it. I went online and now order directly from Trokie! They are so wonderful to do business with. My order arrives in just a few days. My Trokie of choice is CBD with melatonin. It's been a godsend!!

CBD Rapid Relief Tabs - SAMPLE
Michael Billingsley
Cbd Rapid Relief Tab

I was pleased with the Cbd Rapid Relif Tabs. I had a migraine so I tried out some of the sample. It relieved my pain rather fast. I would like to order some.

Works Great!!

Both the wife and I use this product and trust in it's effectiveness.. Works great on minor aches and pains. As well as the daily stresses of work or life. I would Highly recommend.

Good product

This works good for getting you to sleep I just wish it tasted better.

Amazing product

By far the best! Greatly helps me get a full night's rest. Hands down the best CBD on the market.

Reliable Brand

I love the trokie brand bc the CBD is fast acting and relieves stress! The trokie brand has been my CBD of choice for the last 3 years. I recommend it to friends and family.

Hate the taste

I am suffering with vicious hot flashes and mostly sleepless nights. What I liked: it was easy to take. The service was quick and the order was accurate. Unfortunately, it made no difference in my symptoms and I found the taste objectionable.

Trokie is awesome

The delivery system is fantastic! It seems to just melt away anxiety and pain so suddenly, you barely notice it, until you realize hey I’m not anxious anymore or hey my pain is been reduced. This product is truly amazing and highly recommended to anybody with pain anxiety or sleep.


I sleep like a baby using Trokie CBD with melatonin. I was having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.....NOT ANYMORE!!! Try it, you won't be sorry !!!!!

Great product, but taste isn't the best

We have used the Trokie Rapid tabs since we found them at a local pharmacy for a while now, but they stopped carrying them so I ordered direct this time. The order process and shipping were great! These CBD tabs work better than anything else we have tried. Gummies, and regular capsules never bring the stress relief that these tabs do. We will definitely be ordering these when we need them again but the flavor leaves quite a bit to be desired. I'm not sure if it was the batch or if they need to offer a sweeter flavor but the lemon is very strong and bitter and leaves a weird taste in your mouth for a while. That is the only drawback. Even with the not so great taste we will continue to use these because of the relief they bring when used.

Amazing product!! This worked very well for my pain and inflammation! I’m sold!!

Anxiety Relief

Best anxiety relief I have ever experienced with absolutely no addictive qualities.

Very effective for the management of my back pain

I used one 25 mg CBD Rapid Relief tab under my top lip which seemed to take effect in about 30 - 40 minutes. The taste was fine (unlike other CBD products I have used). However I did find that there seemed to be a coating that remained in my mouth for several hours and affected the sensitivity of my taste buds for about 4-5 hours. I think I would prefer a gel tablet if available.

Good Things come in small packages

Been using them for a couple years. Love the bulk price.. Works Great!! Sincerely G.F.

Good stuff

Helps me relax and also helps with my anxiety. Thank you Trokie!

Trokies have been good to me .

I have been using Trokies for some time now , they have helped me a great deal . and allow me to stay away from other drugs.

Trokie feedback

Trokie is the first CBD product I have ever tried. I tried one serving at home to start and felt little effect. Next I tried 2 servings on a stressful day at work and felt more relaxed but still alert and sharp. I like your product and will continue using it.

Great pain relief

Continue to love my Trokie- take it at night for nerve pain relief-improves my sleep and comfort

Poor Shipping Communication

The product was shipped in a thermal bag with a cool-pack to keep it cool. I assume it was important to keep it cool, although nothing was said at the time I ordered the product.

I signed up for text notifications by the USPS. I didn’t get a single text. In addition, we are signed up to be notified of what USPS will deliver each day. No mention of a package being delivered. Also, I was not notified by Trokie that the package had been delivered like I am by my mail-order pharmacy.

The result was the package sat in our mailbox at the end of the street for 36 hours. By then, the cool-pack was completely melted and warm to the touch.

I don’t see how anything else could have gone wrong. Trokie and USPS got everything possible wrong except actually getting the package to me.

The product works to some extent, but not great. Is it because it got too hot during shipping? If the shipping of the sample is the norm, what I will receive won’t work very well.

I’ve used Trokie’s Triple-Strength patches for years and really love them. Too bad they are out of stock. I never had an issue with them.

Frank H.

Best Product for Anxiety

Trokies have become invaluable to me when dealing with anxiety and stress. I highly recommend taking them when you feel that additional support might be needed in your life. I feel no side effects, can go on and off taking them, or change the dose depending on what the day or week brings.

The Only CBD that Works

This is the only CBD supplement from dozens I tried, that provides a distinctly calming effect by the time it dissolves. Helps with acute anxiety and insomnia. Works on par with prescription anti-anxiety medications.


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