Buy from the best. Sell only the best.

Because you are a champion of wellness with business savvy, you know quality matters. And you know that selling an inferior product will neither earn you repeat customers nor reflect positively on your company. Partnering with BSI ensures you provide only the best CBD products on the market, something your loyal customers will appreciate. 

For the medical professional 

If you’re a medical doctor or healthcare professional, you may be looking for more concrete proof that the CBD products we sell are indeed of the highest possible quality. Look no further. 

By now, you already know that our medical team (which includes Doctors of Pharmacy and other medical doctors) and an independent laboratory test and approve all of the CBD products for sale on this website. Science—not marketing claims—have brought to the market proprietary, patented advancements like the Trokie fast melt tab buccal delivery system, the Trokie nanocapsule with bioavailability than similar products, and a Trokie CBD transdermal patch with a unique blend of pain relieving medicines.

Because we are a completely transparent company in this yet-unregulated market, we proudly provide the proof you seek to comfortably recommend BioActive Solution’s pharmaceutical grade CBD products to your patients.