Trokie® products are specifically formulated to provide an alternative to the tincture and edible forms of cannabinoid products currently available in the market. Trokie® focuses on innovations that provide fast acting, long lasting, and highly consistent delivery of cannabinoids for health and wellness applications. High bioavailability and rapid absorption are the key attributes we endeavor to achieve with all Trokie® products, attributes which provide for fast acting, long lasting, and consistent results.

About Trokie

They say that you are who you associate with. We agree, and are proud of our collaborations with industry and world leading groups and individuals that have and continue to make Trokie products the definition of excellence. These include GVB Biopharma and BayMedica for sourcing the highest quality phytocannabinoid and synthetic bioidentical cannabinoids respectively, Pocono, PCCA, and NanoBiologics for product development, Radicle Science for research, the SSRP Institute and the Association of Cannabis Specialists for clinician outreach and education, 374 Labs and Anresco Labs for rigorous product testing, and many others.

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You can trust our CBD products

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Hemp-derived whole plant phytocannabinoid extract

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Our hemp extract is broad spectrum, certified organic and kosher

patented cbd

Patented proprietary formulations (US Patents 9,675,656 and 10,420,809)

medical grade cbd
Independently clinically proven with superior results
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The subject of rigorous and ongoing clinical studies

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Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing purity, potency, and safety
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Ingredients sourced only from FDA & ISO certified manufacturers

THC Free means trace amounts less than 0.01% or 100ppm