CBD Rapid Relief Tabs 10 servings + Melatonin

Nighttime Formula CBD Rapid Relief Tabs - 100mg CBD + 15mg Melatonin

10 servings of 10mg CBD + 1.5mg melatonin

Trokie® Nighttime Formula CBD Rapid Relief Tabs combine the benefits of cannabidiol with melatonin, helping to support healthy sleep cycles. The dual action of this Trokie® formula provides the relaxing effects of CBD while enhancing your body’s natural processes for restful sleep.


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Product Features

THC Free
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Lab Tested
THC Free means trace amounts less than 0.01% or 100ppm

Product Details

Trokie® Nighttime Formula CBD Rapid Relief Tabs contain a precise, easy-to-use serving of both CBD and melatonin. You can adjust the serving according to your individual needs, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

These tabs deliver a precise 1.5mg serving of melatonin and 10mg of phytocannabinoids per serving, formulated to help maintain natural sleep cycles. With the correct serving, you can start to experience results in as little as five minutes and remain restful for up to 8 hours.

Trokie® Nighttime Formula CBD Rapid Relief Tabs are thoroughly lab tested to ensure purity, quality and consistency, and also to ensure they are virtually THC-free, containing less than 0.01% THC or <100ppm. Trokie® derives all of our phytocannabinoid extracts and isolates from specially-bred hemp plants cultivated to exacting standards and are certified organic and kosher.

This product gets to work fast, helping you to feel more relaxed and ready for restful sleep. Precise serving gives you control for what you need to drift off to sleep naturally.

  • Delicious flavor
  • Long-lasting action – up to eight hours
  • Dual benefits of CBD and melatonin
  • Supports the body’s natural nighttime rhythm
  • Virtually THC-Free (less than 0.01% THC or <100ppm)


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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Broad spectrum hemp whole plant extract 1% terpene blend, melatonin

OTHER INGREDIENTS: PCCA Proprietary Base (PEG, Monk Fruit Extract, Natural Flavors, Gum Arabic, Stevia, Citric Acid, NaCl, Silica)
(see back label for batch specific details/ingredients)

Lab Results (COA)

All of our CBD products are tested by our independent lab partners for purity and potency.

Recommended Use

  • Start with one 10mg serving placed between the gums and upper lip
  • If desired effect is not achieved in 30-60 minutes, take another 10mg serving
  • Repeat until desired effect is achieved
  • Take your effective Trokie® serving 1-2 times daily or as needed for regular health support
  • The effect is cumulative
  • Do not exceed 8 servings in any 24-hour period without consulting with your physician or
    healthcare professional

  • Take 2-4 servings daily for 4 weeks, servings spread throughout the day
  • Regular servings will help over an extended period of time.
  • Experiment with taking 2 servings (20mg) at one time if more support is needed.
  • Desired long-term effect should be achieved within 1 week, but can sometime take 4 weeks. 
  • Once desired results are achieved, continue to use the same serving you found effective for long term health support.
  • Extra servings can be taken for temporary extra support when needed, but always return to your minimum daily serving that you find effective for your health goals.

  • Take as needed at bedtime
  • Start with a 10mg serving of a Trokie® Rapid Relief Tabs or Trokie® Nighttime Formula Rapid Relief Tabs with melatonin for restful sleep support.
  • If desired effect is not achieved in 30-60 minutes, take another 10 mg serving
  • Do not exceed 8 servings in any 24-hour period without consulting with your physician or
    healthcare professional

Shipping Information

Trokie Rapid Relief Tabs are heat sensitive, like chocolate, so keep out of direct sunlight and hot places like in a car, mailbox, windowsill, etc.

We ship all orders with an ice pack to help prevent them from melting during transit. Please track your package via the tracking information we provide when your order ships.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I used to take Ambien for insomnia until it became a controlled substance. I happened upon Trokie at a dispensary. It worked!! Sadly, they stopped carrying it. I went online and now order directly from Trokie! They are so wonderful to do business with. My order arrives in just a few days. My Trokie of choice is CBD with melatonin. It's been a godsend!!

Linda Young
Does it work?

It works if I take two instead of just one. And maybe every other night I get a little sleep!

Dawn Hagness

They didn't work for my son. He couldn't handle the taste and couldn't get it to dissolve immediately as expected.

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs w/Melatonin

This product works very well, quick and no sluggish feeling in the morning. Excellent product! I highly recommend for those having trouble falling asleep.

John Smith

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tab with Melatonin

Stewart Lyon

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tab with Melatonin

Roderick Stephan
CBD fast melt tabs arrived 70% gone and opened! No response from customer service

boxes were crushed upon arrival. The tab seals were broken in the little round boxes. I reached out for new product as it arrived OPENED and DAMAGED and never heard back. There were 3 tab melts in each container and not 10!

Leslie Defries
Impressive Sleep Aid

I've had trouble sleeping through the night for many years. Products like Advil and Tylenol PM make me feel groggy the next day which I do not like for a variety of reasons. I am fortunate a friend told me about Trokie because it helps me sleep through the night with NO side effects the next day. It's easy to take in the upper gum and impressed with how QUICKLY it works. This product comes highly recommended from an inconsistent sleeper.

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