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Trokie CBD Nanocapsules - 750 mg - For 6X Faster Relief From Symptoms

Trokie CBD Nanocapsules – 750mg – provides you with thirty capsules of pure CBD in pill form, allowing you to avoid the bitterness of tinctures. Each tab contains 25mg of purified cannabidiol extracted from natural hemp, helping to alleviate symptoms, putting you on the path to wellness.


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Evidence suggests that CBD (also called cannabidiol), can help to alleviate a range of symptoms that conventional medicine cannot. Trokie CBD Nanocapsules take all the fuss out of administering cannabidiol, providing you with an exact dose in each capsule. Our CBD Pills eliminate many of the drawbacks associated with other delivery methods, including oils and topical creams. And because they are six times more absorbable, you get better value for money compared to traditional capsules.

Trokie CBD Nanocapsules are a high-potency solution for your symptoms. The CBD in each tab quickly absorbs into your body and starts interacting with your endocannabinoid receptors. Over time, many people report improvements in their symptoms, improving their quality of life. These tabs are ideal after exercise, a long day at work, or when getting out of bed in the morning. CBD has a natural, calming effect on your system, helping you to take on the challenges of the day in a way you never thought possible.

Trokie prioritizes delivering controlled, consistent doses in all its CBD pills. So, whenever you take a Nanocapsule, you know you’re getting the precise amount your body needs. If you want to increase the dose, you can do so in a graded manner, without having to measure.

Here are the benefits of Trokie CBD Nanocapsules :

  • Potent 25 mg dose per capsule
  • Long-lasting relief from symptoms
  • Fast-acting for immediate relief
  • Convenient bottle
  • Avoid the hassle of other CBD delivery methods

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × 2 in


CO2 Hemp Extract (CBD), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mind blowing

My husband and I started taking these together when they arrived. I'll share his experience first...

He has dangerously high blood pressure from job stress (business owner), and has tried diet and exercise but nothing has helped. He really wasn't excited about the idea of a prescription for blood pressure, so this was a last attempt before giving in to that. Within HOURS of taking his first dose, his blood pressure went from dangerously above what is considered normal to a comfortable spot within the "good" spectrum. He has been taking one pill daily for 5 days now. His blood pressure went back up a little (as I assume his body is regulating and getting used to the CBD) but is still absolutely in the safe zone. This has also done wonders for his anxiety.
For ME, I have degenerative discs in my spine, anxiety and overall joint pain and I felt wonderful. I felt like my body was normal again, and I wasn't a slave to my pain and soreness.

I do wish there were other mg options, I think 25 is a little too high for me, I took a break from taking it because I noticed I was getting a hangover for lack of better words, once it wore off, with a bad headache, but I am wondering if I was drinking enough water. I am also starting to notice that my husband hits a mood swing at about the peak (2 to 3 hours after taking it) where he is mellow, but agitable and argumentative. I haven't said anything to him about it, though, so he can form his own opinions. But all in all... LOVE this product. The good so far outweighs the little negatives.
Maybe it is better to take every other day instead of daily?

Kim Carlson
We highly recommend

Our chiropractic office does highly recommend Trokie Nanocapsules. They are very effective for both anxiety and pain.

Tracy Erickson

Have been using Trokie CBD nanocapsules for about 6 months. I swear by their ability to ease joint pain and discomfort.

Trokie CBD for Depression

I suffer from chronic depression and Trokie has made me feel so much better. I'm amazed.

Brie Droll
Helps with pain

My father-in-law has a tumor on his spine and this helps him manage the excruciating pain he’s in.

Patricia Click
Helps with anxiety

If youSuffer from anxiety try these trokies they really help