Diplomate, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Fellow, American Academy of Functional & Regenerative Medicine
Affiliations: UCSF Alumni Association, Society of Cannabis Clinicians, PCCA

“I created Trokie Rapid Relief Tabs
to enhance the natural benefits
associated with the diverse plethora of
cannabinoids for health and wellness.”

Kenton Crowley, Pharm D - Trokie Chief Medical Officer

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State Of The Art Cannabinoid Delivery

Scientifically formulated to provide rapid, reliable, and consistent cannabinoid dosing to support wellness and positive health outcomes

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Our Commitment

Trokie® is committed to education and patient care. We are actively engaging clinicians, and developing programs and tools for patient progress tracking and patient referrals to our clinicians.

Our Products

Trokie® Rapid Relief Tabs are designed to slowly dissolve between the cheek and gum in the mouth, providing excellent absorption and bioavailability while speeding cannabinoids to the body to support wellness and positive health outcomes*. Our new Rapid Relief Tabs are currently offered with either Broad or Full Spectrum hemp extract in 20mg doses, and our Nighttime Formula 20mg/dose Broad Spectrum hemp extract + 3mg Melatonin.

Our Technology

Trokie® has done extensive research to develop our proprietary delivery system for cannabinoids. Precision dosing is the key to consistent clinical health outcomes. Our patented Rapid Relief Tab technology employs a polyethylene glycol base, the preferred carrier for many slow-melt absorption applications for decades, that  delivers consistent and exact dosing of cannabinoids that clinicians can count on for their patients.

The Trokie® Difference

In the Radicle Sciences ACES Study, an IRB approved, open label, multi-brand, controlled clinical trial of hemp products in the USA, Trokie Rapid Relief Tabs demonstrated superior speed of onset with over 50% of the Trokie® participants reporting feeling beneficial effects within 1 hour.

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Time to noticeable effect from consuming product
Other ACES Study Results Include:
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Patients experienced an average 83% increase in Well Being scores while taking Trokie*
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84% of patients reported that their feelings of worry or stress improved while taking Trokie*
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74% of patients reported that their sleep quality improved while taking Trokie*
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74% of patients reported that their physical comfort improved while taking Trokie*
Trokie Partnerships​

Trokie is proud to partner with leading scientific institutions to bring superior wellness solutions to healthcare providers and their patients:

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