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Self-Reported Effectiveness and Safety of a PEGylated Formulation for the Standardized Buccal Delivery of Cannabis Extracts

Therapeutic use of cannabinoids, the main active ingredients of Cannabis sativa L., is often hindered by their limited bioavailability and undesirable psychoactivity. We conducted an observational study in December 2016 and another one in February 2018 to investigate respectively i) the effectiveness of TrokieĀ®, a standardized formulation containing PEGylated cannabis extracts, to deliver cannabinoids via buccal absorption and ii) its long-term safety.


Cannabinoid Drug Interactions

While cannabis remains one of the safest natural substances there are potential side effects, drug interactions, and precautions to be aware of when combining cannabis with pharmaceutical medications.

Join our special guest speaker Dr. Kenton Crowley, Clinical Pharmacologist, and creator of the Trokie for an insightful presentation. He will discuss how we metabolize cannabis, routes of administration, formulations, safety profiles, and what patients need to know when combining cannabis with pharmaceutical medications.