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Good product!

Love the cbd melatonin combo

Amber Fields
Trokie nighttime tabs

I was thoroughly impressed. Could barely move the right hand and wrist after breaking it a year ago then tried this and in the morning could make a fist. It was awesome.

Janet Hatcher
Hate the taste

I am suffering with vicious hot flashes and mostly sleepless nights. What I liked: it was easy to take. The service was quick and the order was accurate. Unfortunately, it made no difference in my symptoms and I found the taste objectionable.

Frank H.
Poor Shipping Communication

The product was shipped in a thermal bag with a cool-pack to keep it cool. I assume it was important to keep it cool, although nothing was said at the time I ordered the product.

I signed up for text notifications by the USPS. I didn’t get a single text. In addition, we are signed up to be notified of what USPS will deliver each day. No mention of a package being delivered. Also, I was not notified by Trokie that the package had been delivered like I am by my mail-order pharmacy.

The result was the package sat in our mailbox at the end of the street for 36 hours. By then, the cool-pack was completely melted and warm to the touch.

I don’t see how anything else could have gone wrong. Trokie and USPS got everything possible wrong except actually getting the package to me.

The product works to some extent, but not great. Is it because it got too hot during shipping? If the shipping of the sample is the norm, what I will receive won’t work very well.

I’ve used Trokie’s Triple-Strength patches for years and really love them. Too bad they are out of stock. I never had an issue with them.

Frank H.

Rapid relief tabs

They were fantastic, took my anxiety away, I actually slept threw the night. Thank you so much for your wonderful product. 😁

Great sleep

Helped me fall asleep quicker and provided more restful sleep.