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Trokie feedback

Trokie is the first CBD product I have ever tried. I tried one serving at home to start and felt little effect. Next I tried 2 servings on a stressful day at work and felt more relaxed but still alert and sharp. I like your product and will continue using it.

Great pain relief

Continue to love my Trokie- take it at night for nerve pain relief-improves my sleep and comfort

Nina Los
The Only CBD that Works

This is the only CBD supplement from dozens I tried, that provides a distinctly calming effect by the time it dissolves. Helps with acute anxiety and insomnia. Works on par with prescription anti-anxiety medications.

Kim Nickel
I think it really works!

Having chronic pain is a tough thing to treat. You take narcotic pain relievers as well as other remedies to try to take the edge off. These Trokie CBD Rapid Relief tabs really make my pain better and way less noticeable. They are easy to take and don’t taste bad. I will definitely keep taking these!

Shelli Volpe
To young for a hip replacement

I have always been a go getter and always a busy doing something, until I turned 38 and my left hip started giving me an unbearable pain. I've tried everything right down to the arthritis cream with Paula Abdul. They helped but not to level Trokie CBD Rapid Relief Tabs have eased my mind which allows my body to relax.

Sarah Montano
Best CBD experience ever

This CBD was phenomenal and the administration route via under your top lip is a great idea and worked well and was easy. I will say that I had to use more than one dose to feel the full effects but I also have been using CBD and other herbal products for years. Thanks, Trokie!