Trokie Transdermal Patch for Localized Pain Relief

Trokie CBD patches

When our bodies experience the unpleasant sensation of pain, it’s usually a sign that our body is reacting to something that is disrupting our body. Perhaps a nerve is being affected or maybe your tissues are being damaged. While these are the most common causes of pain, the sensations that humans feel when experiencing pain can be wildly different. This makes it difficult to provide effective treatment because there are too many variables involved.

However, we do have a common solution for pain that has been in circulation since the sixteenth century; painkillers.

What exactly is a painkiller?

Painkillers, or an analgesic, is any member of the group of drugs that are used to provide relief from pain, also known as analgesia. These drugs work on peripheral and central nervous systems to treat pain by changing the way your body responds to it. Some painkillers, such as mild opiates (codeine) work by blocking the pain receptors in your brain and spinal cord. Similarly, Ibuprofen works by blocking the production of a substance known as prostaglandins that the body releases when responding to injuries. Other painkillers, such as paracetamol, are still not fully understood in how their mechanisms help to relieve pain and fever.

However, these analgesics commonly introduce side effects depending on the type and dosage. For instance, symptoms such as constipation, drowsiness and dizziness are fairly common among those that make regular use of analgesics. As such, new research is always being conducted to find more effective and safer forms of pain relief.

Why Trokie transdermal patches are different

One of the more recent developments to find an effective analgesic has led to the use of CBD. Cannabinoid analgesia is not a new concept. In fact, the idea has been around for over a decade. People have used medical cannabis to relieve pain symptoms for many years now, but it’s only recently been made available in different forms such as lozenges and patches.

Many clinical trials have taken place to show that CBD can be used to help treat many different types of pain. In some countries, pharmaceuticals containing CBD are used to treat neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis and severe pain from advanced forms of cancer. Trokie transdermal patches harness the analgesic effects of CBD by allowing the compound to enter the body in localized areas, providing effective pain relief that acts fast and lasts long.

Why use Trokie transdermal patches?

The Trokie transdermal patch provides fast-acting long-lasting local pain relief on application. Patches can be cut to specific sizes for more efficient use, and they aim to relieve pain from sources such as muscle soreness, arthritis and joint pain.

Since the psychoactive properties of THC have been removed, the patches only contain CBD and a blend of other pain relievers. This makes it suitable for use by anyone over the age of 12 with no side effects. They can be used during normal daily activities and will not show up on drug tests, making them safe to use for any kind of pain that you’re experiencing. This makes it ideal for athletes who experience muscle soreness or workers that face pain from repetitive strain.

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